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Entrata Urban Complex offers you the best of location in the South of Metro Manila. In fact, you would be very close to all things that matter in everyday life. Be it the schools, learning centers, restaurants, malls, and supermarkets, health care, everything is located in very close proximity. All these places of work, leisure and utilities are needed in everyday life. You never know when the need might arise and then you should not be very far from the places in time of need. 

You have the very famous Asian Hospital which is less than a kilometer away. The very famous Festival Supermall, which is the hub of entertainment, is a mere kilometer away. You can have access to the best of Alabang location and you are never far from all that matters. The feeling of inhabiting in one of the fastest growing locations in the city is unmatched. 

Well, work can be very well taken care of at this address where you can either work from home or live in the office. But what about leisure? There are iconic malls and to be specific Festival Mall is there to take care of that aspect as well. You can enjoy your shopping with best of deals offered here and then, of course, there are movies and food joint where you can enjoy with friends and family over the weekend and have a good time.

For those who are in love with the game of golf, this place will prove to be even better. With South Point Driving Range just 1.2 km away you will never have to shy away from the game over the weekend on account of traffic or distance. You will always be up and ready for it any time. Also business and commerce centers like Northgate Cyberzone and the Westgate you can also reap the benefits of the same while living in Entrata Urban Complex. 

Now the next big thing about Entrata is its nearness to The Palms Country Club. This will take your leisure to a whole new level. Be it splashing by the pool, luxurious suites and rooms the place has to offer and fine dining, Palms Country Club has it all. The peace and tranquility of the place will take your mind off the hustle and bustle of the city life and help you relax and unwind in the most stylish manner. After all, you deserve all this after a hard and yielding day at work. You can also book your own your cottage at the club that will definitely prove to be a worthy investment for years to come. There is no doubt that Palms Country Club is one of the finest clubs in the country and when you choose to become one of its proud members, you can enjoy the best of its facilities from Entrata Urban Complex. 

Then the world-class Asian Hospital to cater to all your health-related needs. Whether you live with family or even as a bachelor, health care is something that you might need at any time. Easy access to it is very important and hence Entrata Urban Complex wins again with the way it is placed.

Restaurants :

  • Reyes Barbecue - 0.20 km
  • Subway - 0.23 km
  • Pizza Hut - 0.23 km
  • Sbarro - 0.25 km
  • The Old Spaghetti House - 0.27 km

Supermarkets :

  • Shopwise - 0.21 km
  • Victory Shopping Center - 0.22 km
  • Festival Supermall - 0.34 km
  • Wellcome - 0.46 km
  • AllShoppe - 0.48 km

Schools :

  • STI Alabang - 0.44 km
  • San Roque Catholic School - 0.62 km
  • St. Peter School of Alabang - 0.70 km
  • Alabang Elementary School - 0.71 km
  • St. Bernadette College of Alabang - 0.75 km

Hospitals :

  • Healthway - 0.44 km
  • San Roque Medical Clinic - 0.47 km
  • Megason Diagnostic Clinic - 0.51 km
  • Saint Michael Medical Center - 0.53 km
  • Ospital ng Muntinlupa - 0.61 km
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